• 5 Biggest Esthetic Education Mistakes

    "There are instances where clients are misled by false promises and inaccurate information. As professionals, it is our job to be continually educated on all aspects of the esthetics industry..."
  • Machines for the 4 Major MedSpa Targets

    "Medspas originally became popular with the use of injectables along with skin care treatments, they are also known today for the machines that can be used for a variety of conditions including fat reduction, skin tightening, resurfacing and skin tone..."
  • A Closer Look at IPL and Lasers

    "Lasers and light therapies are among the most commonly used devices in the esthetic industry. Modern day usage of light has broadly expanded the range of cosmetic medical treatments. They can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns including discolor­ation, vascular lesions, uneven texture..."
  • Clear the Dec and Save the Neck

    "The neck and décolleté, for instance, are extensions of the face and should be treated as such. These areas show signs of aging more rapidly due to their makeup and should always be considered when performing esthetic treatments..."
  • All Eyes On Treatments

    "The eyes are the first area people are drawn to when looking at one another. They are the focal points of beauty on the face. Unfortunately, they are also the area to show the first signs of aging due to the delicate skin. There are several treatments available that can be focused solely to the skin around the eyes..."
  • Wake Up To Better Skin

    "We have all heard that sleep is essential for beautiful skin, but it is important to know why. Sleep is crucial for our bodies, including skin, to regenerate and repair during sleep cycles. We have what is called a circadian rhythm, a 24-hour period responsible for biological cycles..."
  • Tried and True: The 411 on Microneedling

    "Microneedling is a procedure that was originally developed to create a wound response in the skin to stimulate collagen production, hence the term collagen induction therapy (CIT). Before this column discusses the regulation surrounding it, we will first look into its history..."
  • Are You Choosing the Right Exfoliation Method for your Client?

    "The truth is that several methods of exfoliation can be indicated for one particular concern or condition, so the best decisions are often made following a few basic steps..."
  • Combating Harmful Lifestyle Effects on the Skin

    "It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling and looking good. Diet, exercise and stress management are essential consider­ations for whole-body wellness..."
  • Skin Care Before and After Cosmetic Laser Treatments

    "Lasers are an important component of a cosmetic medical practice. They treat many skin conditions, such as hyperpig­mentation, acne, telangie­ctasias, aging skin and many other conditions that are not easily treated by typical facial treatments..."
  • The Evolution of Hair Removal

    "History demonstrates that hair removal methods have been around for a long time. When most people think of evolution, they automatically picture a hairy caveman; however..."