Recognize and Retexturize FULL DAY

Recognize and Retexturize FULL DAY

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Recognize and Retexturize

September 17th 9am - 4pm

Location: Elements Conference Center, 16235 LaGrange Rd Orland Park, IL 60467

$499, includes 10 IL CE hours, Lunch, and a Gift Bag

Part 1: 9am- 12pm Recognizing Lesions & Skin Conditions 3 IL CE hours  Prerequisite Included: Hyperpigmentation Exposed online 2 IL CE hours 

In this class you will learn about various pigmented conditions as well as recognizing cancerous lesions. Understand the process of melanin production and various ways to interrupt it. 

The in-person portion of the class will help you identify several lesions and conditions while learning causes and treatment options for each. Learn more about sebaceous hyperplasia, syringomas, xanthelasma, milia, and much more. 

 Class includes: 

  • The melanogenesis process
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Sun-Induced pigmentation
  • Recognizing lesions
  • Treatment options
  • Home care recommendations
  • Identifying lesion types
  • Lesion causes

Part 2: 1pm- 4pm Advanced Exfoliation Techniques 3 IL CE hours        Prerequisite Included: Chemical Exfoliation Exposed online 2 IL CE hours 

In this profession, chemical exfoliation is a must. Learn the secrets behind enzymes and peels, including treating specific skin conditions and Fitzpatrick considerations. Understanding the various acids will allow you to treat clients safely and effectively. 

The in-person portion of the class includes live demos of exfoliation procedures including chemical peels, enzymes, and dermaplaning. Also, learn about powerful combinations to boost treatment results.

Class includes: 

  • Chemical peeling history
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Percentages vs. pH
  • Alpha hydroxy acids
  • Beta hydroxy acid
  • Jessner’s
  • TCA
  • Treatment expectations
  • Post-treatment care
  • Combination treatments