Identifying Skin Lesions & Hyperpigmentation

Identifying Skin Lesions & Hyperpigmentation

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Date: Tuesday, June 11th 9am - 4pm

Location: The Aesthetic Mentor

Includes: 6 IL CE hours, Gift Bag, Lunch

In this class you will learn about various pigmented conditions as well as recognizing cancerous lesions. Understand the process of melanin production and various ways to interrupt it. We will also help you identify several lesions and conditions while learning causes and treatment options for each. Learn more about sebaceous hyperplasia, syringomas, xanthelasma, milia, and much more. 

 Class includes: 

  • The melanogenesis process
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Sun-Induced pigmentation
  • Recognizing lesions
  • Treatment options
  • Home care recommendations
  • Identifying lesion types
  • Lesion causes