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  • External Effects on Aging Skin

    Aging is both inevitable and continuous, making it one of the leading concerns for clients. Today people are more concerned with healthy aging and ...
  • Terri' Skincare Routine

    What's My Routine? I love discussing regimens; therefore, I was happy when asked to write about one of my favorite skin care routines. I typically ...
  • Suds and Surfactants

    Cleansing is a basic step of any skin care routine, but not all cleansers are created equal. It is important to understand the types of cleansing agents available for suitable recommendations. It is well- known that if we don’t cleanse away the impurities that accumulate on the skin it could lead to congestion, acne lesions, and a dull appearance. During the day we are exposed to external factors including pollution, touching our face with dirty hands, sunscreens, makeup, etc. Cleansing twice a day will help keep the skin in a healthy state and allow the full benefit of topical products. There are many challenges to getting effective topical ingredients into the skin. In addition to the skin’s effective barrier, oils, dirt, and makeup can all impede product absorption. Surfactants, which stands for surface active agents, are used in cleansers to reduce this build-up.

  • Managing Melanin

    Hyperpigmentation, a discoloration of the skin that shows up as dark spots or patches, is a concern for many people. It can be caused and triggered...
  • Microcurrent and ATP

    Microcurrent is a modality in which a low-level electrical current is used to mimic the effects of the current flow of the body. It was first used ...
  • Chemical Peel Benefits

    Exfoliating the skin to improve its appearance dates back to ancient Egyptians and is still popular today.Several methods using everything from min...
  • Vitamin 'A'mazing

    The Importance of Vitamin A Vitamin A is an essential nutrient needed by the body for vision, growth, reproduction, immunity, and skin health. It b...
  • Acne Alternatives

    Acne effects virtually everyone at some point in their lives, making it the most common medical skin condition according to the Academy of Dermatol...
  • Talking Stem Cells

    Stem cells have become a huge buzzword in the esthetics industry. They are known for their regenerative properties in medicine, making them a promising component to rejuvenate aged skin. Many providers and consumers have turned to stem cells in esthetic procedures and topical skin care products to address the signs of aging skin. To better understand what stem cells are meant to do in the skin, you need to understand what stem cells are, where they come from and how they work in skin care products.
  • Top Pigmentation Treatments

    Pigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns from clients. It is a difficult skin condition to treat, but the right system can give you outstanding results. The best outcomes are from a combination of treatments and home care, which this article will discuss. However, this article will first detail pigmentation formation and the types of pigmentation, both important to the treatments chosen.
  • 5 Biggest Esthetic Education Mistakes

    "There are instances where clients are misled by false promises and inaccurate information. As professionals, it is our job to be continually educated on all aspects of the esthetics industry..."
  • Machines for the 4 Major MedSpa Targets

    "Medspas originally became popular with the use of injectables along with skin care treatments, they are also known today for the machines that can be used for a variety of conditions including fat reduction, skin tightening, resurfacing and skin tone..."